Human resources

We are proud of our place of work and are constantly striving to improve our results and the services we provide to our customers.



Education and Training Policy

The goal of the Bank is to develop and maintain the professional expertise of our employees staff. We endeavour to provide our employees with high quality, specialized training which they can put to good use at work. We encourage our employees to maintain their professional expertise and give them the opportunity to develop it at work. Arion Bank seeks to develop a culture of learning by providing good quality training and encouraging employees to take responsibility for their own knowledge and skills and to take the initiative when seeking new knowledge.

The Bank places great emphasis on enabling the employees to develop their professional and personal skills. It is also required that employees have a sound knowledge of the laws and regulations which apply to their jobs.

Aim of the policy
  • Help employees improve and maintain their knowledge and skills
  • Highlight the importance of employees’ being well informed and knowing the laws and regulations applicable to their jobs
  • Motivate all employees to show initiative and take responsibility for their own knowledge and skills

Arion Bank is a learning organization and we place great importance on ensuring our employees are well informed and have the knowledge and skills needed at any given time to guarantee that the Bank's customers get high quality service.