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Arion Bank’s equality and human rights policy

It is Arion Bank’s policy to respect human rights and equality throughout its activities. The Bank strives to create an environment where people of comparable education, work experience and responsibility have equal opportunities and terms, irrespective of gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, origin, nationality, skin colour, age, disability or religion or other factor. Any kind of discrimination is contrary to this policy and is prohibited under the Gender Equality Act No. 150/2020 and the Act on Equal Treatment on the Labour Market No. 86/2018.

  • Vacant positions at the Bank shall be open to all applicants with the requisite education and experience, irrespective of gender or other factors.
  • It shall be ensured that employees in comparable positions at the Bank have equal opportunities to pursue continuing education, lifelong learning and vocational training, irrespective of gender and other factors.
  • Specific efforts shall be made to have gender parity in departments, job categories and committees at the Bank to elicit a range of viewpoints.
  • Employees shall be enabled to coordinate their professional duties with their family duties as far as possible. The Bank shall promote flexibility at work and support the work-life balance. The Bank supports and encourages employees to exercise their right to parental leave.
  • There is zero tolerance of bullying, sexual/gender-based harassment and violence at the Bank and if employees witness any such behaviour they must report it to the appropriate authority.
  • The Bank strives to create a positive and egalitarian workplace where all employees enjoy respect and different viewpoints are heard.
  • The Bank seeks to ensure that international human rights are respected and that equality is observed throughout the Bank’s value chain, including purchasing and corporate lending.

Updated in April 2021.

Arion Bank’s equal pay policy

When determining salaries and terms it must be ensured that there is no discrimination between employees and that equal salaries are paid for equally valuable positions in accordance with the Gender Equality Act No. 150/2020. To support the equal pay policy Arion Bank complies with Icelandic standard ÍST 85:2012 on equal pay systems. According to the standard, pay levels should be predetermined and should not allow any direct or indirect gender-based discrimination or discrimination on the basis of other factors. The policy applies to all employees.

In accordance with the law and in order to ensure follow-up and continuous improvements, the Bank undertakes to acquire equal pay certification with regular audits of the Bank's equal pay system by the certification body and to make improvements if necessary.

Updated in April 2021.