Three banks in one app

You can now see your accounts at Landsbankinn and Íslandsbanki in the Arion app

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Better overview

We believe that everyone should be able to use the best banking app in Iceland - that's why the Arion app is now open to everyone.

Now you no longer need to sign in to many different banking apps to access all of your financial information. Whether you are in regular customer with Arion Bank or not, you can link accounts and cards from other banks with the Arion app.

By linking accounts and cards that you have in Landsbanki and Íslandsbanki with the Arion app you can see balance and transactions in the app and get even better overview of your finances.


How to get started?

You can add an account from another bank by logging into your app and select “More" and "Connect with other banks" to get started.

Safe and secure

Linking accounts and cards from other banks in the Arion app is done in collaboration with Meniga. Access to the service is through secure cloud services. You can choose which accounts and cards you want to see in the Arion app and you can terminate the connection at any time.

Security is a key element in all the operations of Arion Bank and Meniga and therefore the emphasis is on ensuring the reliability and responsible handling of information. The service is provided in accordance with the latest European directives on payment intermediation and privacy.