Book an appointment

We recommend that you book an appointment at one of our branches due to Covid-19 restrictions.  We encourage our customers to use other service channels such as the Arion app and online banking, where they can do nearly all of their banking.

Book an appointment

You can also contact us by phone on 444 7000, e-mail at or by webchat at Our ATMs are open across Iceland, and you can use them to make withdrawals, deposits and to perform a range of other transactions.

Use digital service channels

The Arion app

You can do nearly all your banking using the Arion app. 


The online bank

You can do nearly all your banking using online banking.


Contactless payments

Use contactless debit and credit cards instead of cash. You can also make contactless payments with your smart phone and smart watch.

Temporary financial difficulties

We realize that at times like these people can experience temporary financial difficulties. That’s why we would like to point out a few options which might help ease the situation. 

Get in touch by email at or call us on 444 7000 so we can go over your finances and find the best option for you. We will try to respond as quickly as circumstances allow.