Human resources

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Health and safety policy

Objectives and assessing success of policy

The objective of Arion Bank’s health and safety policy is to enhance the quality of life and working environment of employees and to support the Bank’s human resources policy. The health and safety policy is designed to guarantee compliance with the laws on health and safety and is intended as a guideline to help employees achieve better mental, social and physical health. The policy and related measures underline the importance of preventative measures and health promotion and increased awareness of the subject among employees.

The Working Environment, Health and Safety Act stipulates that companies should guarantee a safe and healthy working environment. This policy is designed to ensure that Arion Bank protects the health and safety of its employees. It must be clearly set out how this policy will be implemented.

The success of the policy and related measures will be assessed with the help of regular surveys among the employees.

Health and safety in the workplace plan

Risk factors relating to health and safety are monitored as follows:

  • Identify - Recognize any potential employee health risk factors
  • Preventative measures - Reduce the likelihood of the risk factors having consequences
  • Response - Offer focused measures and services to enhance health
  • Follow-up - Follow up on issues, assess results and review as necessary

When implementing the policy the following factors are taken into consideration in order to create an environment, working conditions and a workplace culture which enhance employees’ health and well-being.

  • EKKO (anti-bullying and anti-discrimination policy)
  • Attendance at work
  • Working environment and conditions
  • Health protection and promotion

Employee safety

Arion Bank cooperates with service providers recognized by the Administration of Occupational Safety and Health in Iceland (Vinnueftirrlitið). The policy aims to help create a desirable place of work where people feel that their health and safety are important. It is the duty of every one of us to safeguard the health and safety of every employee of the Bank.