Corporate Finance

Provides companies, investors and institutions with a full range of corporate advisory services in Iceland and internationally.

Acquisitions and sales

Corporate Finance arranges the sale of companies in open sales processes or closed negotiations. We advise on corporate acquisitions or investments in major shareholdings in companies and also advise on the acquisition and sale of operating assets and other financial instruments, such as debt instruments and derivatives.

Mergers and acquisitions

Corporate Finance advises on mergers and acquisitions, managing these processes from beginning to end. This includes analyzing opportunities, performing valuations, advising on methodology, managing negotiations and completing deals. We arrange takeover bids for shares in listed companies, redeem and delist listed shares and assist with leveraged buyouts.


We perform valuations of companies and business units in connection with various Corporate Finance projects. We can also carry out valuations of other financial instruments, such as debt instruments and derivatives.

Listings and offerings

Stock market listings

Corporate Finance manages stock market listings, including IPOs, share capital increases and bond listings. We advise companies and sellers on how to prepare a stock market listing, and to perform the necessary due diligence, handle discussions with stock markets and the regulatory authorities, and oversee the preparation of prospectuses and investor presentations.

Stock offerings

We arrange public stock offerings, and our services include advice on planning, preparing the prospectus, investor presentations and executing the offering. We arrange private placements to large investors, including advice on planning, investor presentations and execution.

Issuing dematerialized securities

We arrange the issuing of dematerialized equities and bonds at the Icelandic Securities Depository.


Financial restructuring and advice on optimal capital structure
  • Refinancing companies
  • Project financing
  • Property financing
Balance sheet restructuring

We can advise companies on how to maximize their operating performance. Poor financial performance can lead to weak cash flow and limited profits.

We can advise management on how to increase working capital and how to structure new balance sheets and income statements.

We can also advise management on how to improve financial structure, planning, and fund and debt management.


At Corporate Finance we have a team of specialists with extensive expertise and experience in arranging corporate mergers and acquisitions, buying and selling companies, stock market listings and offerings, financing, corporate restructuring, valuations and investments in equities and other financial instruments.