Human resources

We are proud of our place of work and are constantly striving to improve our results and the services we provide to our customers.


United team

Arion Bank employs an integrated team of hard-working employees.

We are proud of our place of work and are constantly striving to improve our results and the services we provide to our customers.

Arion Bank is a relationship bank and we do our utmost to develop good relationships with our customers and colleagues. We work professionally and think in terms of providing solutions. We are flexible, progressive and dedicated in everything we do.

Positive working environment

By creating a positive working environment we can retain and attract the best employees. Together we aspire to understand and meet the needs and expectations of our customers because their experience is the heart of Arion Bank.

Our health is important

The Bank’s health and safety policy places great emphasis on ensuring compliance with health and safety legislation. The health policy also intended as a guideline to help employees achieve better mental, social and physical health..

Human Resources Policy
Health and safety policy


It is Arion Bank’s policy to respect human rights and equality throughout its activities. The Bank strives to create an environment where people of comparable education, work experience and responsibility have equal opportunities and terms, irrespective of gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, origin, nationality, skin colour, age, disability or religion or other factor.

Equal pay certification

In 2015 Arion Bank gained equal pay certification which confirms that salaries are decided on the basis of objective criteria and not according to an employee’s gender.

Arion Bank complies with the equal wage management system standard ÍST 85 and has been awarded the Ministry of Welfare’s equal pay symbol.


Traveling to and from work

Ever since 2012 employees have been able to obtain transport allowances for travelling to and from work by environmentally friendly means. Arion Bank does its utmost to improve the health of its employees and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles through its transport policy.

Working from home 

Training and education

We endeavour to provide our employees with high quality, specialized training which they can put to good use at work.

We encourage our employees to maintain their professional expertise and we provide them with the opportunity to grow and develop in their jobs. Employees are also required to have a sound knowledge of the laws and regulations which apply to their jobs.