Human Resources Policy

By creating a positive working environment we can retain and attract the best employees. Together we aspire to understand and meet the needs and expectations of our customers because their experience is the heart of Arion Bank.

The right people

  • We ensure that the hiring process is professional and that every position is occupied by the right person.
  • We warmly welcome new employees and provide them with focused training and instruction.
  • We seek to ensure that people leave the Bank on the best possible terms.

A clear vision for equality

  • We maximize our human resources by having a diverse team of employees and guaranteeing equal opportunities and terms.
  • We adhere to the principle of equal opportunities at all times. Any kind of discrimination is contrary to the Bank’s equal opportunities policy and is prohibited under equal opportunities legislation.
  • The Bank has established an equal pay policy to ensure equal terms for equally valuable jobs and transparency on pay.

Work-life balance

  • We aspire to create a working environment where employees are comfortable and satisfied in their jobs.
  • We try to ensure that our employees can combine their family duties and work responsibilities as effectively as possible. Having a good balance between work and private life is important.
  • We encourage employees to take good care of their health and to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • We take responsibility. There is zero tolerance towards bullying, sexual harassment and other inappropriate behaviour. It is everyone’s responsibility to prevent such behaviour.

Continuous development and training

  • We place great importance on maintaining and adding to employees’ knowledge and skills by providing training and offering a diverse range of courses.
  • We provide opportunities for professional development with new challenges, greater responsibilities and challenging tasks.
  • We encourage our employees to demonstrate the ambition and will to improve and develop in their jobs.

Strong leadership

  • We have an excellent management team with a clear vision for the future.
  • Our management team sets a good example and motivates the employees.
  • Management provides regular and constructive feedback to employees.

Effective working environment

  • We share knowledge and information where necessary.
  • We apply lean management and promote a culture of improvement.

Performance management

  • We work together to active positive results in the tasks assigned to us and give positive feedback when someone has done a good job.
  • We use our time at work effectively on tasks which generate value for the customer.
  • We adopt goal-setting and measure performance of individuals and teams.

Good service - always and everywhere

  • We always strive to provide good quality service.
  • We seek to inspire confidence and act professionally in all our dealings. We are always discreet and maintain confidentiality.
  • Together we make good things happen.