Why do I need
an electronic ID/Identification app?

Electronic ID offers a straightforward method to authenticate and sign documents in today’s digital landscape.

Auðkenni, an identification app, provides an alternative for authentication and document signing. It operates over the internet, so you can use it in areas with no phone connection. Plus, it supports both Icelandic and foreign phone numbers.

How do I get an electronic ID for my phone?

Electronic IDs work for most phones, the SIM card is the most important issue.

Begin by verifying if your SIM card is compatible with electronic ID usage. You can do so by visiting the Audkenni.is website.

If your SIM card doesn’t meet the technical requirements, you can contact your phone company to get a new one.

Once you have your new SIM card, visit the nearest Arion branch to activate your electronic ID. Remember to bring your driver’s licence, passport, or ID card. Please note that an electronic driver’s licence is not considered a valid form of ID.

How can I download the Auðkenni app?

Start by downloading the Auðkenni app, either from App or Play Store. You can activate it through self-service worldwide, given that you're 18 or older, have a mobile device with NFC support, and possess a valid Icelandic passport. Alternatively, you can activate the app by visiting an Arion branch.

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