Why do I need electronic ID?

Electronic ID is a safe and straightforward way to identify yourself and sign documents in the digital world.

Electronic ID can be activated in our branches throughout Iceland.

The fee for activating electronic ID is ISK 1000, unless you are a customer of Arion Bank in which case it is free.

How can I get electronic ID in my mobile phone?

Start by checking whether your SIM card supports electronic ID by looking up your number below.

Electronic ID can be used in most types of mobile phone, provided the SIM card supports electronic ID.


If your SIM card does not support electronic ID, you need to contact your phone company and obtain a new SIM card.

Once you have got a new SIM card in your phone you can visit your local branch of Arion Bank to activate your electronic ID. Remember to bring either your driving licence or passport with you. 

You need electronic ID in order to use your phone for identification or for signing documents.