Assets for sale

Arion Bank’s shareholdings in non-banking operations

Arion Bank’s policy is not to own shareholdings in non-banking companies any longer than necessary, and such shareholdings are therefore sold as quickly as feasibly possible. Arion Bank has thus sold its holdings in numerous companies in recent years, e.g. BG 12 (Bakkavor Group Ltd.), Klakki, Síminn, Eik, Reitir, HB Grandi, Hagar, 10-11, ÍAV, Hekla, BM Vallá, N1 and Penninn.

Several of the companies in which the Bank has shares do not have any operations. These companies are in the process of being dissolved but this can take several years. This leaves the companies listed below, in which the Bank has a share of more than 10% and intends to sell or which are already for sale. Further information on the companies listed below can be obtained by Arion Bank’s Corporate Finance division (

Valitor Holding hf. (100%)

Valitor was founded in 1983 and offers diverse solutions in payment services in Europe and has offices in Iceland, Denmark and the United Kingdom. The company has approximately 400 employees and has experienced strong growth in recent years, particularly in its international operations. The Bank is now preparing to sell its holding and has engaged Citi to advise on the sale. According to the current schedule the sale is expected to be completed by the end of 2019.

Stakksberg ehf. (100%)

Stakksberg operates a plant in Helguvík in south-west Iceland which produces 99% pure silicon (Si), and it has a production capacity of 25,000 tonnes a year. Stakksberg is taking measures to make the plant fully operational. The plant has not been operational since September 2017 when it was closed down by the Environment Agency of Iceland. A fully operational plant, with around 70 employees, is expected to open in the second half of 2020. The process of selling Stakksberg has been delayed, not least due to the complex regularly framework around operations, but the Bank is continuing to prepare the sale of the plant.

Stoðir hf. (18,6%)

Stoðir’s largest asset at the beginning of 2018 was an 8.9% shareholding in the international beverage producer Refresco Gerber. Following the sale of this shareholding the company has commenced investment operations and the company’s equity is ISK 17.5 billion.

Farice ehf. (38,4%)

Farice is the owner of two submarine cables linking Iceland and Europe.

Reiknistofa bankanna hf. (21,7%)

The Icelandic Banks’ Data Centre (RB) is an IT service company which has developed various financial solutions.

SRL slhf.

SRL slhf. is a company managed by Stefnir hf, the Bank’s subsidiary, which owns 100% of the share capital of Landey ehf. Landey administers new buildings, building lots and real estate development projects which the Bank has acquired and which for the most part do not generate revenue.

In addition, Arion Bank owns foreclosure assets, e.g. real estate and building lots, which in some cases are managed in separate companies. Such assets are sold as quickly as feasibly possible and their sale is managed by estate agents or the Bank's legal division.