Debit cards

Arion Bank issues debit cards under the brand Visa Debit.

Visa Debit can be used in contactless transactions and online and is accepted in more than 40 million sales outlets throughout the world. Paying with Visa Debit is both convenient and straightforward.

It only takes a few minutes to sign up for business and you immediately have access to a debit card account, online bank and you will have the card sent to your home.

Contactless payments

By using contactless cards you can now pay for goods and services by waving your card over a reader at the point of sale without swiping the card or using your PIN number.

When using a contactless card for the first time the transaction must be confirmed by using your PIN number.

For security reasons each contactless payment is a maximum of ISK 7,500 and the combined total of transactions may not exceed ISK 15,000 without entering your PIN number again. If a transaction is ISK 7,500 or more you will be asked to confirm the transaction with your PIN number. When the combined total reaches ISK 15,000 you will be asked to confirm the transaction with your PIN number and you can start making contactless payments again.

You can make contactless payments at sales outlets in Iceland and abroad from merchants with the authorized equipment.