Prepaid Currency Card in Iceland

Arion Bank is no longer issuing currency cards. However, all cards currently in circulation can be used as normal until they reach their expiry date.

About Currency Card 

The Arion Currency Card is a prepaid international VISA payment card, issued in Króna (ISK) which entitles you to make purchases anywhere* in the world where VISA cards are accepted as a means of payment. The Currency Card can be used for online  purchases as well. The value of the Currency Card is limited to the Króna (ISK) amount of the original deposit. 

When the Currency Card is used to make payments in currencies other than the Króna (ISK), the foreign exchange rates of Arion Bank apply. The exchange rates can be found here

The Currency Card is not re-loadable. You can redeem the balance of your Currency Card at any time at a branch of Arion Bank. 

For any further information about your Currency Card call +354 444 7000 or contact us by e-mail

After hours emergency service – +354 525 2000.

Terms and practical information
Rates and charges

*At sales and service outlets which accept Visa payment cards without a PIN number.


Check your card balance

Information on balance and transaction are provided by Rapyd.