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Almennt kort
Bláa kortið
Gull Vildarkort
Hlekkur á nánar síður/einstaklingar/kort/kreditkort/nanar/almennt-kort//einstaklingar/kort/kreditkort/nanar/blaa-kortid//einstaklingar/kort/kreditkort/nanar/gull-vildarkort/
Saga points pr. 1000 Isk.0 points0 points3 Saga points
Annual fee3.100 kr.4.900 kr.10.900 kr.
Annual fee for additional card1.550 kr.2.450 kr.5.450 kr.
Loyalty discount of annual fee25%25%25%
Prepaid available
Offers and discounts from partners
Free access to the Saga Lounge in Keflavik
High card limits
SOS service
Direct debit
Spread credit card bill
Travel rupture120.000 kr.120.000 kr.
Accompaniment of emergencyallt að 80.000 kr.80.000 kr.160.000 kr.
Hospital per diem
Luggage insurance160.000 kr.**200.000 kr.**
Purscase kasko
Delays d/t overbooking
Travel delay
Cancellation insurance200.000 kr.*200.000 kr.*
Additional insurance d/t rental car
Ferðaslysatryggingupto 3.600.000 Isk.4.500.000 kr.9.000.000 kr.
Travel refund360.000 kr.360.000 kr.
Health insuranceallt að 6.000.000 kr. *10.000.000 kr.**16.000.000 kr.**
Purchase insurance160.000 kr.**200.000 kr.**
Delays on the way to airport
Luggage delay12.000 kr.24.000 kr.
Kidnapping insurance
Insurance d/t rental car40.000.000 kr.**40.000.000 kr.**
Additional insurance d/t rental car
Death benefits d/t accidents3.600.000 kr.4.500.000 kr.9.000.000 kr.
Disability benefits d/t accidents3.600.000 kr.4.500.000 kr.9.000.000 kr.
Hlekkur á skilmála hjá Verði

App and Online Bank

You can check your credit card use and check the balance and view statements in the Arion app or your online bank account.

You always have access to your PIN number, you can deactivate your card by freezing it, and you can spread out your credit card bills if you need to.

Spread your credit card bill

You can spread credit bills in your online bank account or in the app in less than a minute. When you receive a new bill, simply choose how much you want to pay at the beginning of the month and over how many months you wish to spread the outstanding amount.

PIN number

Most people have forgotten their PIN number at some time when most needed.  You can find your PIN number in the app and your online bank account.

Deactivate your credit card

You can now deactivate your credit card if you lose it. The card can then be reactivated at any time.

Report a lost card

If you lose an Arion Bank debit or credit card you must report it to Arion Bank’s call centre.  Outside office hours you can call the 24-hour emergency hotlines of Valitor.

Arion bank - 444 7000

If you lose a card you must report it as lost/stolen to Arion Bank’s call centre immediately.

Valitor - 525 2000

Outside of Arion Bank’s business hours please contact the card company's 24-hour assistance line.