Capital Markets

The Capital Markets subdivision provides securities brokerage and foreign exchange sales.

Our specialists

The Capital Markets subdivision is a market leader in equity brokerage and enjoys a strong position in foreign exchange brokerage and bond issuances. In addition, the Capital Markets subdivision has been a leading player in restoring the equity markets in Iceland. The Capital Markets subdivision also benefits from strong relationships with all major investors in the domestic capital markets. 

Capital Markets subdivision focuses on providing its growing customer base with a comprehensive range of capital markets services and access to expert knowledge. The focus in the medium term is expected to shift towards development of products and services as investors seek more opportunities to invest and distribute risk.

The securities brokerage services include domestic and foreign brokerage of equity, fixed income, swaps and forwards as well as related derivative products. The foreign exchange services include spot, forwards, money market, options and swaps. 

The equity and fixed income desks provide services primarily to pension funds, asset management companies and professional investors, and the foreign exchange desk provides services primarily to corporate customers in spot, forward, swap and option products, with Arion Bank being the only Icelandic bank to provide oil hedging products.

Head of Capital Markets

Þórarinn Óli Ólafsson


Equity Brokerage

Haraldur Hilmar Heimisson


Capital markets

Þorbjörg Kristjánsdóttir

Fixed Income Brokerage

Aníta Rut Hilmarsdóttir


Equity brokerage

Helgi Frímannsson


Capital Markets

Þorsteinn Andri Haraldsson


Equity Brokerage

Árni Ketilbjörn Jónsson


Fixed Income Brokerage

Hrafn Steinarsson


Capital Markets

Halldór Kári Sigurðarson


Capital Markets

Ingigerður Einarsdóttir