Capital Markets

Capital Markets Arion Bank is a market leading brokerage in the Icelandic stock market who also enjoys a strong position in the domestic bond market. 

The team focuses on providing its growing customer base with a comprehensive range of capital markets services and access to expert knowledge.

Capital Markets Arion Bank benefits from strong relationships with all major investors in the domestic capital markets and primarily provides services to pension funds, asset management companies and professional investors.

For any questions, please contact us via or directly using the contact information below.

Our specialists

Head of Capital Markets

Svana Huld Linnet
Tel: +354 618 2525


Einar Pétursson
Tel: +354 761 3744

Equity brokerage

Helgi Frímannsson
Tel: +354 444 7731

Equity Brokerage

Árni Ketilbjörn Jónsson
Tel: +354 444 7327

Fixed income brokerage

Gunnar Örn Erlingsson
Tel: +354 444 6317

Capital markets

Íris Hrönn Andrésdóttir
Tel: +354 856 7880

 Capital markets

Davíð Björnsson
Tel: +354 868 0344

Equity Brokerage

Haraldur Hilmar Heimisson
Tel: +354 444 7322

Capital markets

Þorbjörg Kristjánsdóttir
Tel: +354 697 3073