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Funds are an attractive option for people who want to invest money either short-term or long-term. It's easy to build up savings by putting aside ISK 5,000 a month into a fund.

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General disclaimer for investing in funds

Investing in financial instruments always represents a financial risk, such as the risk that the investor will not generate a return on the investment or that the principal amount will be lost. Past returns are not a reliable indicator of future returns. Investment returns can increase or decrease on account of changes in exchange rates. The prospectus and key investor information for each fund contains further information on the fund, including risk and whether the fund is considered to be a UCITS or an investment fund. These documents can be found by clicking on the name of each fund. This information is provided for informational purposes only and it should not be interpreted as advice to make a particular investment or not or as an offer to buy, sell or subscribe for specific financial instruments.

The figures on investment returns are obtained from the funds’ depositary. The information presented here is based on sources which are considered reliable but it cannot be guaranteed that the information is correct. Arion Bank is the main distributor of Stefnir hf. funds. Stefnir hf. is an independent financial institution under the Financial Undertakings Act No. 161/2002. Stefnir hf. manages undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities, investment funds and institutional investment funds in accordance with Act No. 128/2011. Stefnir hf. is a subsidiary of Arion Bank.