Arion Bank offers NOSTRO services to international financial institutions. Our highly experienced staff will assist you with account administration and payments. The set-up is very straightforward and our service team will guarantee a smooth implementation process. If you need further information please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Tariff for ISK accounts


Arion Bank offers full custody and sub-custody services to financial institution for the Icelandic market.
Our services include;

  • Domestic Clearing & Settlement
  • Fixed Income Service
  • Corporate Action
  • Proxy Voting Service
  • Tax Service

Communication is based on ISO 15022 SWIFT messages.

Standard Settlement Instructions 

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Arion Bank offers competitive interest rates to legal entities of foreign nationality. We make every effort to establish a good business relationship with all of our clients.. When deciding whether or not to invest in Arion Bank deposits or Icelandic government bonds, we can help you make the right decision.

The Icelandic bond market consists primarily of bonds issued by the government or guaranteed by the government. The market is the eighth largest indexed market with about 80% of the market being indexed instruments.

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FX and MM

According to The Foreign Exchange Act no. 87/1992 cross border capital movements are restricted. Further information on foreign exchange can be found on the website of the Central bank of Iceland.

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