Personal service

Arion Bank Private Banking is a specialized service for high net worth customers who wish to develop a strong securities portfolio and benefit from expert advice.

Reliability and confidentiality are paramount in providing the best possible service for our clients. Our service involves: 

  • Personal account manager
  • Total management for securities portfolios
  • Professional advice on investments, pensions, insurance, etc.
  • Excellent terms and other services and benefits

Asset management is designed for investors who want experts on the financial markets to manage the investment of their assets as efficiently as possible based on a predetermined investment strategy. In this way investments and investment opportunities are monitored closely. Clients are kept in close contact with their managers, as in all cases focus is placed on establishing long-term relationships between managers and clients.

Contact us

If you want to become a client of Private Banking complete the form and we will contact you. Or call us on +354 444 7410 and together we will devise an investment strategy to suit your needs.

Account managers

Kolbeinn Þór Bragason
Head of Private banking

Gunnar Andrésson
Account manager

Magnús Már Leifsson
Account manager

Björg Kristinsdóttir
Account manager

Helena Kristín Brynjólfsdóttir
Account manager

Sigurrós Lilja Grétarsdóttir
Account manager

Eiríkur Önundarson
Account manager

Jóhanna Thorlacius

Þorsteinn Freyr Þorsteinsson
Account manager