An attractive place to work

Our employees form a dedicated and united team. We endeavour to look after all our people and strive hard towards creating a stimulating and positive work environment in which we can all grow and develop our skills.

Arion Bank’s policy is to maximize its human resources by employing a diverse group of employees and by guaranteeing equal opportunities and terms for all employees, irrespective of their sexuality, origin, nationality, race, age, disability or religion. Employees are entitled to be treated with respect and all employees should be able to use their abilities to the full.

An attractive place to work for everyone

In 2015 Arion Bank became the first Icelandic bank to be awarded equal pay certification by the union VR. The certification is formal confirmation that the Bank has established an equal pay policy and that formal, documented procedures are in place which meet the requirements made by the regulators that decisions on salaries are based on objective and professional factors and are not discriminatory.

The Bank has an equality committee and we have formulated an equality action plan. The Bank has signed the CEO Statement of Support for the Women’s Empowerment Principles (UN Women) and the UN Global Compact, which is an international benchmark for companies whose aim is to empower women in companies and increase their influence in society. There is zero tolerance towards bullying, sexual harassment or any other inappropriate behaviour, and we have established a clear policy and regulations on how to deal with conduct of this nature.

Employee expertise

It is important that our employees are able to maintain and add to their expertise. This is why we offer a range of courses and training designed to help employees maintain and improve their professional and personal skills. In additional to formal courses and seminars, many employees attend a regular series of lunchtime lectures titled Building relationships. These lectures are open to all employees and the aim is to keep employees abreast of what's going on at the Bank and inform them of the different projects being undertaken.

Further information on Sustainability in Arion Bank‘s Annual Report