Digital services

We offer a full range of digital solutions designed to make your day-to-day business run more smoothly.

Online banking

By having an online bank account at Arion Bank companies can do all of their main banking online. Linking book-keeping systems directly to Online Banking (B2B) simplifies your day-to-day business by having everything in a single system.

The start-up page shows a list of deposit accounts, credit cards, loans, guarantees, unpaid bills, securities portfolios, expected foreign payments and post-dated payments to which the company user has access. 

Digital services

B2B web service

You can do all your banking via the B2B service by using the company’s book-keeping system, without going into your online bank account.

B2B User manual

Digital documents

Publish documents digitally in your online bank account, such as salary slips and invoices. It saves your business money.

Electronic documents - User manual

Employers' website

Pension contributions statements, account statement and balance for people who pay into pension funds administered by Arion Bank.

Billing service

An efficient way of issuing and collecting bills for companies, organizations and the self-employed.

Currency transactions

Save time and effort by sending international payments from your online bank account. Suitable for small and large companies.

Access control

Master users at companies and organizations can easily keep track of employee access to online bank accounts.

Master Access in Online banking - User manual