The best banking app in Iceland 

The Arion app was named the best banking app in Iceland in a survey by MMR carried out in June 2017. Our focus remains on providing convenient banking services for the future.

All your banking needs in your phone

Pay bills, view digital documents, check securities portfolios, spread out bills, receive notifications and much more.

PIN numbers and freezing cards

You can get your PIN number in the app if you’ve forgotten it and you can also freeze a card if you can’t find it.

Start making regular savings

It’s easy to start making regular savings by using the app. If you don’t have a savings account you can open a StepUp account, change the name of the account to reflect your objectives and start making regular monthly savings.


You can now spread out your credit card bills 

You can now spread bills on your credit card with the Arion app or your online bank account. When a bill is due for payment, you are given the option of spreading out repayments. The bill gets paid and the installments are put on to the credit card as selected. Costs and interest rates are as advertised in the Bank’s list of rates and charges and interest rate table at any given time.

Direct debit

Direct debit is a convenient option when you have to pay regular bills. The advantage of arranging a direct debit is that bills are always paid on time, meaning that there is no chance of incurring penalty interest. Direct debit may also be a cheaper option.