Visa Secure

Visa Secure is a service which online stores are increasingly using to bring enhanced security to online transactions.

All Arion Bank cardholders have the opportunity to use this service for added security. It is a simple, secure and convenient service. In order for it to work it is important that the cardholder has the correct mobile phone number recorded for the card.

When the cardholder uses their credit card for an online transaction with a merchant which requires the card to be verified, the cardholder receives an SMS with a SecureCode which the cardholder uses to confirm the transaction. The SMS also contains the name of the merchant and the transaction amount.

It is important to ensure that the transaction amount, currency and name of the merchant match the transaction, since confirmation with the SecureCode online is equivalent to confirming the transaction with a PIN number.

An example of an SMS containing a SecureCode can be seen here: