Vöxtur - 30 dagar

The 30-day Notice Account differs from the Bank’s other savings accounts in that the fixed investment term begins when a withdrawal request is made, not when a deposit is made. Money is withdrawn 31 days after the date of the withdrawal request. If the day on which the money becomes available does not fall on a banking day, it will be paid out on the following banking day. Banking days are defined as days when banks are open in Iceland.

Withdrawals are made in Online Banking in the same way as a normal transfer is made, with the transfer being made 31 days later.


  • Non-indexed deposit account
  • Interest rates are variable - see the Bank's interest rate table
  • Tiered interest rates
  • Interest is paid out on a monthly basis*
  • No minimum balance
  • No fee for withdrawal requests in Online Banking

* Interest can be paid into another account than 30-day Notice Account. If no other account is selected, interest will be added to the balance in this account.

Account interest is setup in the following way:

0 - 1 milljón 8,40%
1 - 5 milljónir8,50%
5 - 20 milljónir8,60%
20 - 50 milljónir8,80%
>50 milljónir8,90%

Open an account

If you have an online bank account with us, you can open a new account there. If not, it’s easy to open an online bank account with electronic ID.