Growth inflation-linked Account

An inflation-linked savings account is an excellent option for regular savings and yields good returns. Each deposit is tied up for 36 or 48 months. The month in which the deposit is made is not included in the fixed term. A deposit is available for withdrawal on the first day of the month following the end of the fixed term. After that each deposit is available on demand for a period of one month every six months.

Interest is calculated at the end of the year and is then available on demand. Interest rates are variable - see the Bank's interest rate table.

If this account is part of regular savings plan, you can withdraw the entire amount at the end of the fixed term or every six months after that. You can set up a regular savings plan by contacting the Call Centre or by visiting your local branch.

You choose the fixed term

Investment periodInterest
36 months1,00%
48 months1,05%

Open an account

If you have an online bank account with us, you can open a new account there. If not, it’s easy to open an online bank account with electronic ID.