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Growth Inflation-linked Account - 90 days’ notice of withdrawal

Changes to the Seðlabanki Íslands rules, which come into effect on 1 June, mean that we are now able to offer inflation-linked savings where you don’t have to wait years to withdraw your money. The Growth Inflation-linked Account is already available in the app and online banking meaning that you can open an account immediately. From 1 June you can apply to make withdrawals from the account and receive your money 90 days later.

Over the last 12 months inflation has measured 9.9%. Linking your savings to the rate of inflation is a way of maintaining the value of your savings as deposits in the account increase and decrease in line with inflation/deflation.

Set up an inflation-linked savings plan

The Growth Inflation-linked Account is also an excellent way to make savings. You can set up a regular savings plan in the app or online banking.

Min. investment period

Investment periodInterest
90 day notice1,70%

Open an account

If you have an online bank account with us, you can open a new account there. If not, it’s easy to open an online bank account with electronic ID.