A brilliant idea

What sounds like a brilliant idea today might not look so great in the future. That’s why it’s important to think things through carefully. In the meantime your money will be earning interest in your account or funds.*

Confirmation gift of up to ISK 12,000

If you deposit ISK 30,000 or more into a Young Saver Account when you get confirmed, the Bank will put an additional ISK 6,000 into the same account. We’ll do the same if you invest ISK 30,000 or more in Stefnir funds.

You can therefore get a cash gift of up to ISK 12,000 from the Bank by investing in a fund at Stefnir and by making a deposit into a Young Saver Account.

You can apply for this confirmation gift up until 1 September each year. All children getting confirmed are entitled to receive a total of up to ISK 12,000, one payment into their Young Saver Account and one into a Stefnir fund.

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